My name is Sarah Aumayer and I have been making items in fused glass for over 15 years.


For the process of fusing glass I buy sheets of specialist glass from my local suppliers here in North Somerset.Once I've got my design on paper, I score and cut the glass as required. I assemble the individual pieces for the design and put them in my studio kiln. The kiln is fired to around 800° (1400f) for about 5 hours. The result is a singe piece of fused glass of my own design.


In many of my designs, particularly jewellery, I use dichroic glass. This differs from 'ordinary' fusing glass as it contains metal layers which give it it's distinctive vibrancy of colour. Originally developed by NASA this glass often reflects many colours when viewed from different angles.


I am a member of The Contemporary Glass Society ( North Somerset Arts ( and Made In North Somerset